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Product name : Eye Grab Hook
Item : KWHK004
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Eye Grab Hooks H-323or A-323
Forged Steel- Quenched and Tempered
Features quick and easy assembly
Ultimate Load is 4 times the Working Load Limit
-Clevis end hooks- grab and slip hooks with clevis and connections permit rapid attachment and removal from chain.
Cotter locked pins are easily removed from the hook.
-Hooks should be ordered according to the size chain on which they are used
-High test hooks. Forged carbon steel, heat treated, bright zinc finished for use with grade 30 proof coil chain and grade 40 high test chain.
-Alloy hooks. Forged alloy steel, heat treated, yellow dichromate finished for use with grade 70 transport chain and grade 80 alloy chain
-Caution: Working load limit must not be exceeded. High test hooks not for overhead lifting use.

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